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Stone Bracelets

Two of my newest bracelets. They feature stones and pebbles and sterling framed links and have a personality all their own.  See some of my other bracelets by clicking on the bracelet link at the top of this page.

3Octopus and Large Stone Bracelet800

Stone Bracelet with River Stones, Pebbles, and Octopus links.

1Crawfish Octopus Bracelet800

Stone Bracelet with Crawfish, Octopus, and Sand Dollar links

New Spinner Rings

New Spinner Rings

New Spinner Rings.  These rings have larger outer rings that spin around the smaller inner rings.

Crocheted Wire Work

Crocheted Wire Work

“Not your Granny’s Crochet” was crocheted with non-tarnish black and brown wire in a granny square pattern, edged with Swarovski Crystals, and finished with a sterling silver clasp.

Most Recent Torch-Fired Enameled Bracelet

Most Recent Torch-Fired Enameled Bracelet

This bracelet is the all-enameled version of my copper and bronze link bracelet and was commissioned by a friend to match her beautiful peacock scarf.  It was torch-fired on copper and connected with sterling silver jump rings.

About Me and My Work

About Me and My Work

My first jewelry designs were pieces I fashioned with beads, pearls, and stringing materials.  While I still enjoy working in those areas, I was interested in enhancing my skills.  Since I had taught traditional crocheting with yarn and string to adults over the years, it was not difficult for me to move from these materials to working with wire to construct jewelry.  Wire crochet work continues to be a part of my jewelry line.

Working with wire then led me to explore other fabrication techniques.  I enrolled in several jewelry classes locally and at the John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, North Carolina, where I learned metalsmithing and enameling techniques, and where I continue to take classes with the wonderful instructors at the Folk School.  —

I also subscribe to fine art journals and magazines, read books written by contemporary artists, and attend workshops whenever I can.  My goal is to learn, perfect, and continually incorporate new techniques into my work so that I might fabricate jewelry inspired by what I’ve learned and yet maintain an originality in form and a uniqueness in design.

I invite you to look through this website to view a representative sample of my work.  My pieces are one-of-a-kind, or limited edition.   I am a Baton Rouge Arts Market Artist, and attend the BR Arts Market each first Saturday of the month at 5th and Main in downtown Baton Rouge.   I  participate in fine arts and craft shows in Louisiana and in Mississippi and have my pieces in several shops and galleries.  Click on the links listed at the top of this page to see my show schedule, a list of the shops and galleries where you can purchase my pieces, and a list of the publications over the years that have featured my work.

Because most of my pieces are one-of-a-kind, I don’t sell over my website, but you can email me for pricing and availability of a piece that interests you, or to discuss my creating a custom design.  My email is:

And please visit my business Facebook page ( to see my posts about my latest work, and “LIKE” my page.

I hope that my jewelry will captivate your imagination because of its attention to detail, its craftsmanship, and most of all its singularity — the reason for my company’s name: Singular by Design.