Kitty Pins


These kitty pins lounging on a tree branch are fabricated from sterling silver sheet and bronze half-round wire. They are hand stamped and soldered.

Miss Kitty
Calico Cat (Miss Kitty’s sister)

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Animal Earrings

Sterling Earrings for Animal Lovers!

Sterling Silver Giraffe ER
Sterling Silver Kitty ER
Sterling Silver Squirrel ER

Armadillos Sparkle

Armadillos: wear these little critters as either pins or pendants. These little armadillos are fashioned out of brass/copper, or silver/copper with sparkling CZs for a little extra fashion statement. They are 2 inches long by 1 inch high. Contact me for pricing and availability:

Brass/Copper and Sterling Silver and Copper Armadillos with CZs

Louisiana, oh my!!

Animal Fantasies

Here are some of my newest designs for animal lovers:
armadillo pins/pendants, owl, fish, and cats pins/pendants, and raccoon and flamingo earrings.

Rose with Rosebud Pin in Sterling Silver

My newest creation was suggested by my cousin’s wife who asked me to make her a rose pin. I had made a rose bangle, and recently a rose ring, but never a pin. She wanted one with a rosebud as well. Here it is. This pin is for you, Sheila.  Thank you.

Handstamped Designs

I have handstamped all of the design elements on these pieces which have been sawed from metal sheet, filed, and soldered to create pins, pendants, bracelets, and earrings.

Egret Earrings

Sterling Silver Egret Earrings

A new addition to my Bon Temps Collection

Magnolia Bangle

This Sterling Silver Magnolia is one of my newest additions to my Bon Temps line.